Frequently Asked Questions

See the prices

You need to be registered fill out this form to see the product prices.



Registration is absolutely free and without obligation. We only sell to fashion store. 


Why is the price hidden
To protect our customers, because they have the legal right to set their own prices independently. We only sell to shops pertinent to fashion.


Minimum order

Buy what you want, there’s no minimum order.


How to use 10% off discount on your first purchase

When you access the shopping cart, before proceeding to the checkout, you'll find the appropriate box at the bottom left, where you can type the discount code. Once you entered the code click on Apply button and the discount will be immediately applied.


How to add or remove items from the cart

When you access the shopping cart you can check the products list, you can use the arrows associated with the specific product in order to change the amount. After you define the new quantity click on the Update button.


How is the packaging like?
We send you the products in a plastic envelope with their paper support because loads of our clients prefer to show the jewels with their own packaging.

Contact us here to see a picture of it.


Forgot password

If you lost your password, you need to enter Account section and click Forgot Password.

Now enter the email address you have used for the registration, just follow the instructions to you choose a new password.


How to modify your data

You need to enter to the Account section. You can change the privacy permission, the newsletter data and all your general data any time you want.