Chiaruzzi Argento

Italy’s oldest jewellery wholesaler

Storia di Chiaruzzi Argento

Since 1905 the motto: passion and love on what we do

Vicenza, “the beauty, my divine, my beloved” as Gabriele D’Annunzio sang, the city symbol of the Italian jewelry, attracted a young San Marino’s inhabitant, Alessandro Chiaruzzi, to found the Chiaruzzi Argento company thanks to the love relationship with his beloved wife Maria Berton, a young venetian girl.  

In more than 115 years of story, the company has evolved, becoming the point of reference in its category as a silver wholesaler specialist thanks to four beliefs:

  • Professional and quality services to enable long-lasting relations
  • Mutual esteem and confidence with customers
  • Made in Italy and latest trend’s selection in the assortment 
  • Flexibility and attention to the market’s evolution to better follow the customers needs. 

Tradiction and renovation

The company’s main pillar is the human connection: fundamental approach to understand the customer’s needs and to create the long-lasting relations based on mutual trust. 

The in-person sales are strictly linked to the B2B e-commerce website to emphasize the company’s intention to evolve and to follow the new era’s trend with more than 3.500 point of sales registered. 

Besides, to give additional service to the customers and to add another point of differentiation to create in the near future, a brand, the Chiaruzzi Argento provides displays, branded boxes and guarantees to the jewelry. 

The company’s aim is to continue increasing the presence and assortment in Italy and abroad to offer quality made in Italy jewelry and professionality in service, which has distinguished the activity since 1905. 

Chiaruzzi’s products are present in following regions, thanks to our commercial sales force: Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto, Friuli, Emilia Romagna, Umbria, Marche.

Tradizione e rinnovamento nel mondo dell'alta bigiotteria in argento 925

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